Purview: Disabled Average: Storms, Einherjar, the Moment of Death
Methods: Tool-Dependent (Nordic Battleaxe)
Skills: Strike (Heavy), Lore (Esoterica)

Finalization: Freedom, Writing-Dependent, Focus-Dependent
A prayer is written out to the Valkyrie’s god, and is wrapped around a weapon symbolic of the spell. The weapon and prayer are traditionally entombed, but this step has no bearing on the finalization of the spell.

A deafening thunderclap emits from your person. You are deafened for a couple minutes, followed by having weak hearing for the couple minutes after that.
You enter a horrific battle rage, and must fight until something dies. You attack the nearest target, regardless of their allegiance to you, unless you spend a Willpower Point to delay the effect by one round. When the rage initiates, you may delay the effect by a number of rounds equal to your Integrity (Composure) dots.
You spend the next Scene dead.

Weakness: Runestones
Spells of the 1st Ascendant Circle and higher require the use of Runestones, and are instead writing-dependent.


Pantheon: Sorcerers' Expedition Aranai